Through the mountain
Anonymous said: what are your twitter and instagram

my instagram is the same username

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Anonymous said: how was your day?

going back to school wasn’t particularly enjoyable, but I took a long nap so overall it was pretty decent

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clintnatashas said: what if evan peters just walked into your room right now and screamed, stared at you and walked out

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Anonymous said: can you recommend a hot fanfic?? haha
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nivxk said: *slaps your butt* pass it on to the next 5 people that appear to your dash HAHA BUTTS

haa h h a hahh

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auntwanda said: *slaps your butt* pass it on to the next 5 people that appear to your dash

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Anonymous said: In response to why "under god" is in the pledge of allegiance... you do know that the main reason people left their own country and came to live in the US was because they weren't free to practice their own religion therefore they built a nation built upon religion and freedom something many of them didn't have in their homeland...

yes, I am aware of that. but separation of church and state was a major touchstone in the founding of the us, along with freedom of religion. I don’t believe it should be a part of the pledge, considering that ¬†there are plenty of people in the us who don’t believe in god, or believe in different gods. because¬†it is a pledge we recite each day in school as kids - or at least in public schools - I don’t think it’s necessary to reference god.

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obliviate-nightlock said: YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! I want you to remember you’re sweet, nice, kind, and caring; I want you to know that you shouldn’t change, for anybody. You’re one of a kind, you’re YOU, you’re flawless, and even if you make mistakes, it's okay, it shows that you’re human; stay strong and beautiful and pass this to the first 10 people you see on your dash! :)

aw omg you don’t know how much i needed something like this today thank

augustuswate said: Katara?

1. aang

2. avatar aang

3. hair loopies

4. i would be lying if i said i didn’t ship her with zuko for a minute oop

5. I would also be lying if I said I didn’t ship her for jet for like 5 seconds

auntwanda said: Boggs

1. katniss (brotp)

2. finnick

3. idk

4. this is

5. hard

ianwanda said: President snow

1. the reaping

2. snow

3. roses

4. a bag of dicks

5. his beard

illyanarasputins said: evan peters, colton haynes, josh hutcherson idk

husband: evan peters

best friend: colton haynes

brother: josh hutcherson

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hoohah said: WE DON'T TALK ALOT but we reblog each other and i found you on omegle on a different tag bc chloe said she would go omegle ok this was easy i should've done something harder

y was this one easy hm

Anonymous said: shake it bake it booty quake it.

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