Through the mountain

wow like i’m sorry i’ve barely been on here for the past month and if i haven’t talked to you in a long time i still love you all but like i literally have NO TIME for the internet anymore because i have so much homework for ap chem, big projects in 2 classes already, college applications, about 10 supplemental essays, ap studio assignments - not to mention trying to find time to do portfolio stuff outside of school - and just like, life, ugh.  

long story short: i miss you guys and like i feel like a shit friend for not talking to anyone on here for the past few weeks but i’m just struggling with everything rn

ianwanda said: President snow

1. the reaping

2. snow

3. roses

4. a bag of dicks

5. his beard


i tried oop

if u can find me~





300% accurate rn tbh

ianwanda said: my answer to nearly everyone is through Chloe ahahahshd peasant

omg but that’s how i answered yours haHAhah

We should have a June wedding

should we invite the peasants

katnissandhersyringe replied to your post: 
I was not expecting that


t h e m e